Friday, July 31, 2009

From Twitter 07-30-2009

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

From Twitter 07-29-2009

  • 19:54:32: On to Chapter 19!!! w00t w00t!
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

From Twitter 07-28-2009

  • 13:02:16: YUSS! Twitter is now streaming to my blog! Thanks, @twittinesis!
  • 18:06:05: RT @AdviceToWriters: One must be ruthless with one's own writing or someone else will be.JOHN BERRYMAN
    #writing #writer #writers
  • 23:48:43: I've got a blog entry in me. I just need to have the time to write it down.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From Twitter 07-25-2009

  • 08:37:17: The secret for my huge writing success this past week? I had written drafts of those chapters already. So it was just a matter of editing
  • 20:43:51: It's hard to write when you have a headache. Well, at least I have Weird Al music. "But great googly-boogly, I'm a genius in France!"
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

From Twitter 07-2009

  • It's hard to believe that I finished up 3-4 chapters this week. Nice :-D ~ from TweetDeck
  • @Atanyxx Best of luck to you! It's very exciting! ~ from TweetDeck in reply to Atanyxx
  • RT @AdviceToWriters A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us. FRANZ KAFKA #book #writing ~ from web
  • On to Ch. 17. This has been a productive week so far :-D ~ from web
  • RT @AdviceToWriters In the writing process, the more a thing cooks, the better. DORIS LESSING #writing ~ from web
  • RT @AdviceToWriters [Avoid appealing workplaces]. [Get] a room with no view, so imagination can meet memory in the dark. ANNIE DILLARD ~ from web
  • The Twilight score itself (in addition to the soundtrack) has some awesome music too. Argh, darn you, budget!!! ~ from TweetDeck
  • On to Chapter 16! Yesss!! ~ from TweetDeck
  • @NayaLionsong Haha! I'm on Chapter 15 as well! :-D Whaddaya know? ~ from web in reply to NayaLionsong
  • "I'm aiming to finish this current draft by September [...] and that only leaves...less than two months. Hmm. " ~ from TweetDeck
  • Ahhhhhhhhhh. Happy sigh. Writing time out in the magical, mild weather. ~ from TweetDeck
  • #music Never-Ending Road - Loreena McKennitt ~ from web
  • #music I Love the Way - #rebekahwhite ~ @rebekahwhite fyi, Hope you're doing awesome! ~ from web
  • Thank goodness, I finally fixed up my myspace: ~ from web
  • Met with my writer's group yesterday. I've missed them! I look forward to reading everyone's work when I go again. ~ from web
  • Hopefully will get my tweets to stream to my blog soon! Mucho gracias, @twittinesis ~ from web
  • RT @AdviceToWriters One writes to make a home for oneself, on paper, in time and in others’ minds. ALFRED KAZIN #writing #writer ~ 12:33 PM Jul 13th from web
  • RT @AdviceToWriters ...a writer should create living people; people, not characters. A character is a caricature. HEMINGWAY #novel ~ 12:32 PM Jul 13th from web
  • I really enjoy making up terms and naming things in my story, and I don't care what xkcd says: ~ 9:57 PM Jul 11th from TweetDeck
  • Oh man, I love having all my twitter profiles linked together in TweetDeck! I can updated them all at the same time if I want! ~ 4:49 PM Jul 11th from TweetDeck
  • I love twitter. A lot-a lot :-D I should be editing, but I'm doing some web chores, and watching Mythbusters ;-) ~ 4:47 PM Jul 11th from TweetDeck
  • I love writing. I love it, love it, love it. ~ 10:54 PM Jul 10th from TweetDeck
  • I now know more about human branding/modifying than I ever wanted to know. I'm a slave to story research. See? Δ ~ 11:03 PM Jul 6th from Ada
  • "...This requires a lot of deep-level thinking. It's pushing past all the excess stuff and just writing from your gut." ~ 1:59 PM Jul 6th from web
  • Had a good chat with a close writing buddy last night. ^_^ Plus, I've been getting a steady stream of backstory ideas all morning. ~ 1:20 PM Jul 6th from web
  • #music We Know It's True - #ProjectedTwin ~ 9:45 AM Jul 6th from web
  • The editing process is never ending. Gotta love how my story throws me curve balls... ~ 9:41 AM Jul 6th from web
  • The Twilight Zone is soooo cool and creepy. They just started one about a ventriliquist. And where there are vt's there are...dummies. Oooh ~ 10:33 AM Jul 4th from Ada
  • Chillin' on the back porch ~ 1:37 PM Jul 3rd from Ada
  • Expanding my writing/St. Patty's day music playlist ^_^ iTunes, j'taime. ~ 7:15 PM Jul 1st from Ada
  • Oreos & milk, a shirt with flowy sleeves, and celtic folk music. *does a jig* ^_^ "Gather up the pots and the old tin can..." ~ 7:12 PM Jul 1st from Ada

From Twitter 06-2009

  • I really do work more efficiently in the morning. I'm a night owl thanks to college. Though, I tend to burn the candle @ both ends :-) ~ 11:33 AM Jun 29th from web
  • Very productive weekend on multiple counts. Still, I sometimes get more writing done during work breaks than on the weekends. Weird. :-P ~ 10:13 PM Jun 28th from Ada
  • "My inner anthropologist was absolutely delighted." ~ 10:43 AM Jun 26th from web
  • #music "Way to Mandalay" - Blackmore's Night ~ 9:19 AM Jun 26th from web
  • Happy 100th Tweet, me :-D ~ 9:16 AM Jun 26th from web
  • It's amazing how I still get wonderful inspiration, even during past days full of stress and frustration. Friday is all the more joyous. ~ 9:16 AM Jun 26th from web
  • Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #author #novelist #fantasywriter ~ 1:52 PM Jun 23rd from WeFollow
  • Why do I get ideas in the shower/bath? ~ 7:59 PM Jun 22nd from Ada
  • "My mind felt alive again, and my hope was renewed." http://puelladocta.blogspot... ~ 8:40 AM Jun 22nd from web
  • Actually editing tonight, and edited WELL! *dances* ~ 11:44 PM Jun 21st from Ada
  • Editing is not fun right now :P ~ 10:37 AM Jun 20th from Ada
  • This was such a full week, and I had too much fun (and stress) to write a word. We'll see how next week pans out. ~ 6:59 AM Jun 20th from Ada
  • "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." -- John Lennon. ~ 8:10 AM Jun 18th from web
  • My front yard is a veritable fairlyland of fireflies, and one gray cat with green eyes. Gathered another jar for the night's writing. ~ 8:15 PM Jun 10th from Ada
  • Trying to simplify my story. I get more nervous the more exposition I try to cram in. ~ 11:38 AM Jun 10th from web
  • I tend to identify anachronistic songs to my medievalish fantasy characters. Like "Wild Thing" by Tone Loc to an up-for-anything girl ;-) ~ 11:00 AM Jun 10th from web
  • The neighbor kids helped me gather my jar of fireflies. They have younger eyes ^_^ I have something to write by, now. ~ 8:50 PM Jun 8th from Ada
  • When I'm in a writing bind, I write the same scene with different reactions from the primary character. Really works. Lets me play around. ~ 5:43 PM Jun 8th from Ada
  • The "getting down the rough outline on paper/feeling out the scene" phase is so hard. My inner critic tends to yell at me a lot. ~ 1:11 PM Jun 8th from web
  • "How do I listen to my characters? What the heck is that new-agey garble supposed to mean?" ~ 10:38 AM Jun 5th from web
  • There isn't enough soap and water in the world, it seems. I plan to let them out at the end of the night, though. ~ 10:47 PM Jun 4th from Ada
  • That's what the jar used to hold: minced garlic. ~ 10:47 PM Jun 4th from Ada
  • I got a little jar and poked holes in the lid. I want to write by firefly light one night. I hope the bugs won't die from garlic smell. ~ 10:46 PM Jun 4th from Ada
  • There are 4 pretty little butterflies out on the porch with me. ~ 5:52 PM Jun 3rd from Ada
  • "I am more pleased than I can say, without dissolving into a capslock/random key-smacking flail-frenzy of joy ^_^" ~ 11:26 AM Jun 2nd from web

From Twitter 05-2009

  • I am making REALLY good progress! On Chapter 12 of Draft 2! ~ 5:12 PM May 30th from Ada
  • Gorgeous GORGEOUS day for lounging and writing. Bliss. ~ 5:00 PM May 30th from Ada
  • Space fantasy story idea keeps bugging me with a scene. Should write it down. ~ 9:33 AM May 29th from web
  • Oh my gosh, I found a WORKING electric typewriter at Goodwill for $3.99! It gets stuck occaisionally, but A WORKING TYPEWRITER! ~ 8:33 PM May 28th from Ada
  • New ideas that expound on already established ideas! WIN! ~ 10:03 PM May 26th from Ada
  • I figured out a phrase for the kind of editing I'm doing: "word sculpting." Moving stuff around and then smoothing it out...melding. ~ 8:55 PM May 24th from Ada
  • I wish I had this much time every weekend to work on everything I need to do for my novel. ~ 6:26 PM May 24th from Ada
  • Plot organizing on the calendar. Really helps me organize my plot, since story covers a lot of time. ~ 4:50 PM May 24th from Ada
  • #music Sleep Isabella - Abney Park ~ 12:27 PM May 24th from Ada
  • The back porch is my happy place ^_^ ~ 6:05 PM May 22nd from Ada
  • I ain't dead. :-) ~ 10:06 AM May 21st from web
  • There are so many fun genres to play creator to...I hope I can try my hand successfully at all the ones that capture my fancy! ~ 8:48 AM May 19th from web
  • Watching all this sci-fi lately has really inspired me... ~ 10:29 PM May 18th from Ada
  • So glad that I had enough energy to edit today! ~ 8:42 PM May 16th from Ada
  • It's amazing how the ideas come flowing when you aren't looking for them. TG ^_^ ~ 7:26 PM May 15th from Ada
  • Good characters take time to develop, usually longer than a week or a month; sometimes it takes years to get under their skin. ~ 10:54 AM May 15th from web
  • Earth below us, drifting, falling. Floating weightless, calling, calling home... ~ 6:34 PM May 14th from Ada
  • If only I could have a patron of the arts to support me. *sigh* ~ 12:40 AM May 14th from Ada
  • Oh my gosh, the weather is absolutely perfect out here. ~ 5:51 PM May 13th from Ada
  • I love my book, but reorganizing the plot is a PAIN because it's so long now... ~ 11:29 PM May 12th from Ada
  • Let's see where the night takes us... ~ 6:50 PM May 12th from Ada
  • So let it be written, so let it be done! *clap clap* ~ 2:24 PM May 12th from web
  • New blog entry: http://puelladocta.blogspot... More of a self-encouragement than anything else. Maybe it will encourage others too. ~ 1:31 PM May 12th from web
  • #music Glow Worms - Vashti Bunyan ~ 8:07 PM May 11th from Ada
  • Feel kinda sad that I haven't had a lot of time to write, but I haven't stopped! Slow and steady wins the race. ~ 7:38 PM May 11th from Ada
  • #music Derniere Danse - Kyo ~ 2:26 PM May 9th from Ada
  • Weekend at LAST!!! Maybe I'll actually make some progress on my book. ~ 6:16 PM May 8th from Ada
  • Welsh names are so beautiful! ~ 7:58 PM May 6th from Ada
  • Chatted stories with one of my writing buddies. It's been a while. I missed it ^_^ ~ 11:46 PM May 5th from Ada
  • My muses seem to have taken a vacation. Gonna try writing for 20 mins anyways. ~ 10:40 PM May 5th from Ada
  • Life is a balance. ~ 3:04 PM May 3rd from Ada
  • Blargh, been too tired to write all day, but at least I got some cleaning and laundry done. ~ 8:51 PM May 2nd from Ada
  • Looking at Native American names. ~ 11:25 AM May 2nd from Ada

From Twitter 04-2009

  • FINALLY! I am streaming this on my facebook fan page: Thank you for competent coders. ~ 11:22 PM Apr 29th from web
  • At least I have all my work in the same place now. ~ 10:40 PM Apr 29th from Ada
  • *sigh* I hate this time crunch at night when I have to get up early. I feel so rushed. "You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles." ~ 9:27 PM Apr 29th from Ada
  • Juggling different versions *facepalm* ~ 11:13 PM Apr 28th from Ada
  • Editing is like exfoliating: sluffing off all the dead stuff gives the new stuff time to shine, and gives the whole body a healthy glow. ~ 3:59 PM Apr 28th from web
  • RT @scribe77 RT @catofprey RT @jsmithready Guest blogging about urban fantasy worldbuilding. (YAY world building!) ~ 9:45 AM Apr 28th from web
  • New(ish) *cough* 4 days ago *cough* blog entry: http://puelladocta.blogspot... ~ 8:54 AM Apr 28th from web
  • I'm looking for well-known authors on twitter. Stephen King, J.K. Rowling and Terry Pratchett need to get on the bandwagon ~ 8:51 AM Apr 28th from web
  • Too much to do, other than writing. ~ 8:57 PM Apr 26th from Ada
  • I love story research. You can work on it in so many ways. ~ 10:03 PM Apr 24th from Ada
  • Did a little bit of writing for Book 2. Need to differentiate a certain country from its contemporary counterpart a bit more. ~ 7:23 AM Apr 24th from Ada
  • Tried getting my story twitters posted on Fbook: no dice. So I made a new banner for the blog instead ^_^ ~ 12:11 AM Apr 21st from web
  • I wish I could invent something of a medieval dance club without it coming off cliche or anachronistic... ~ 11:02 PM Apr 20th from Ada
  • Wrote a short scene where a character picks up one of his vices. Backstory, but it's been running laps in my head all day. ~ 10:57 PM Apr 20th from Ada
  • "Nil sine magno labore." Nothing happens without great toil, or work. ~ 12:23 PM Apr 18th from Ada
  • New plot events requires a new calendar to plot them out. ~ 8:41 AM Apr 18th from Ada
  • Mission accomplished :-D ~ 11:16 PM Apr 16th from Ada
  • Today's writing project (if I have time to accept it) is to write out the religious history of Thoglan. Let's make this happen. ~ 8:24 AM Apr 16th from Ada
  • Work will get harder the next few weeks. But at least I've been managing to write :-D ~ 7:44 PM Apr 15th from Ada
  • Oooh, major progress today. Enjoying it while I can! ~ 5:27 PM Apr 14th from Ada
  • I am not yours..not lost, although I long to be..lost as a candle lit at noon..lost as a light is lost in light. ~ 4:34 PM Apr 13th from web
  • Sudden breakthrough get! Love me some sudden breakthroughs. Those childhood writing exercises still work. ~ 4:29 PM Apr 13th from web
  • Listening to my story inspirational music. Nickel Creek has some of the most beautiful lyrics ever. ~ 9:32 AM Apr 11th from Ada
  • Mindless editing. More of what I do all day, converted to a hobby, lol. ~ 9:13 PM Apr 8th from Ada
  • I hate it when I'm too dogged tired to write. *collapse* ~ 8:56 PM Apr 8th from Ada
  • A little writing each day keeps the love alive. ~ 11:20 PM Apr 6th from Ada
  • Been thinking about my more challenging characters...and looking to avoid the slippery slope of Mary Sues. ~ 11:28 PM Apr 5th from Ada
  • Figured out stuff about the land of Thoglan I didn't know before. Allies, wars: good stuff to know. ~ 8:38 PM Apr 2nd from Ada
  • More character bios during lag time. Awesome bright spot in a rather long and exhausting day :-) ~ 8:49 PM Apr 1st from Ada

From Twitter 03-2009

  • Actually got some character back stories written with a bit of down time today, all working aside! Wow. ~ 7:22 PM Mar 31st from Ada
  • Did the tiniest bit of editing, and I have the most wonderful sense of well-being ~ 9:19 AM Mar 30th from Ada
  • Tweaking a bit. ~ 9:00 AM Mar 30th from Ada
  • The journey of a 1000 mi. starts w/a single step. And you must decide what to do with the time which is given to you. ~ 8:17 AM Mar 29th from Ada
  • Hmm...I think most of my grunt work is done...time to write! ~ 11:47 AM Mar 28th from Ada
  • What a huge influence the Lord of the Rings books/movies were on me. It's big shoes to fill, haha. ~ 9:06 AM Mar 28th from Ada
  • Such a crazy day. Need to physically peel myself off the computer. ~ 1:01 AM Mar 28th from Ada
  • Facebook: Inviting so many people. Keep forgetting married friends. New last names mess me up, haha. ~ 8:12 PM Mar 27th from Ada
  • Online networking. It feels like I'm getting something done, at last! ~ 12:08 PM Mar 27th from Ada
  • Shiny new blog! http://puelladocta.blogspot... ~ 10:28 AM Mar 27th from Ada
  • “Beginning is easy - continuing hard” - Japanese proverb. ~ 9:57 AM Mar 27th from Ada
  • Writing a novel (and editing one, I've found) is not for the faint of heart. ~ 9:21 AM Mar 27th from Ada
  • Oh my goodness: "Yellow" by Coldplay Live. UH-mazing! ~ 3:02 PM Mar 26th from Ada
  • Trying to pretend I don't have writer's block :-P ~ 8:57 AM Mar 26th from Ada
  • Oh, web woes. I shall worry about thee later. ~ 1:06 AM Mar 26th from Ada
  • Getting my novel website refurbished, including twitter updates! ~ 11:41 PM Mar 25th from Ada
  • Hello, Twitter! :-D ~ 11:19 PM Mar 25th from web